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Another great team crowdfunding platform in the family of Coop Crowdfunding Systems created by David Rosen. Brought back by popular demand, 50/50 Crowdfunding is a new improved version of the original system David created. The original system is a 15 year old proven system that has close to a Million members and has produced Millions in Revenue…and is still running. David sold it 5 years ago to work full time on creating and implementing CoopCrowdFund. 

Donate $150 ONE TIME & RECEIVE $450 OVER & OVER 



As a member of 5050 CrowdFunding we each Give, Share and Receive.
one-time out-of-pocket $150 donation gets you started and opens your first Wheelhouse for you to receive $450! There is bi-annual $29 setup fee Hosting Website, Tools & Support.

Your donation helps fund 2 people including the person who invited you and another teammate. You can receive donations without inviting friends but it’s best to invite all your friends because you always get half! Payments are peer to peer meaning you get paid instantly to the payment option(s) You Choose.

You can continue in this $150 Donation Wheel forever and you can add other levels at anytime to make even more. Fully automated system puts you back in the Wheel after you receive your 6 donations. You just need to initiate your donation to go to your 2 recipients just like the first time in your back office.

We have higher Donation Levels to move into as your funds grow that allow you to receive unlimited amounts of donations.