CCF 2 Donation Levels

CoopCrowdFund has 2 Donation Levels, 10 EURO and 25 EURO to choose to become an active Donor. Each level has it’s own matrix. You can choose to start at any level you want or you can do both levels. The most important factor is to get started at one of the levels. You can work your way into both levels to max out your donation earnings. Each donation level has it’s own independent matrix. When you register you will automatically have a free position in the other donation level so do not register for both. As a Free member you will earn 25% of the donation of your personal donors in the level you are not a donor in, but you would not earn matrix donations. Therefore it is in your best interest to be an active donor in both levels as soon as possible.

CoopCrowdFund uses EURO because we are a global opportunity and EURO is easily transferred around the globe. In reality you won’t know the difference as you will always receive your payments in the currency you use. See chart below for US Prices, keeping in mind that it will fluctuate a little as the EURO goes up and down. We do have a currency converter in our back offices so you can check it before making donation. US members note: If paying with Credit/Debit card and you don’t regularly make international purchases, call your bank first to tell them you will be making an international payment in Euro. Sometimes US banks block the payment until they hear from you if you don’t usually make international payments.

Donation Choices – Donation Subscription every 28 days

€10 + €3 Hosting  & CC Processing = €13.65 = About $15 US) 

€25 + €3 Hosting  & CC Processing Fee = €28 = About ($35US) 

Just three simple steps to achieve success and we repeat the same steps over and over.
1. We Give
2. We Share
3. We Receive

Choose the Donation level you want to start with and register at that level. When you register you will automatically have a free position in the other donation level so do not register for both. If you are going to do both you would just log into the other level and pay your donation. You will login with same email and password you created when you registered for the other level.

Note: Sometimes our email providers do not deliver our emails as they decide it is spam and some of our mail never reaches us, even in our spam. If you do not receive a welcome email you can still login so just go back to the site and login to your account.