Crowdfunding Campaign

Watch Webinar Training Presentation for the €25 Level by owner David T. Rosen to see
what a powerful fundraiser CoopCrowd.Fund can be for your organization.

This is a sample suggestion on how to set up your Campaign

 1. Committee Leaders meet and select the level(s) to join. There are 3 levels of Donations to choose from. This will be a subscription Donation every 28 days. This will create an ongoing residual influx of funds coming in to your organization. It would be in the best interest to join the 3 level program as I’m sure you have people of different budgets that will join to support your organization and you would receive funds from all levels as people choose the level that fits their budget.

Donation Levels

€10 + €3 Hosting = €13
Total  €13 ($15 US) + 5% CC Processing Fee Every 28 Days 

€10 + €25 Levels – €35 + €3 Hosting  
Total  €38 ($ 45 US) + 5% CC Processing Fee Every 28 Days 

€10 + €25 + €100 Level – €135 + €3 Hosting  
Total  €138  ($158 US) + 5% CC Processing Fee Every 28 Days

2.  Select leaders/organizers to be in charge of registrations of members.

3. Register organization in CoopCrowd.Fund program with referral link given to you.

4. Register 3 leaders/organizers directly under organization

5. Prepare flyers/registration form to send to congregation-members-parents explaining the cooperative crowdfunding fundraiser. The fundraiser will be a continuous source of funds and it will be equally beneficial to anyone who participates with the CoopCrowdFund program. Registration form that accompanies information flyer is to be filled out by all who are interested in participating in the campaign and returned to committee.

6. The initial set up would be like a teambuild platform, placing 3 members under each participant. The 3 committee leaders will be in charge of developing the teambuild and placing each participant in the program to get it started.

7. All participants should continue sharing the crowdfunding program as an ongoing fundraiser for the organization and it will also continue to give them funds for any project they have needs for as well.

8. 3 who help 3 cumulative donations
This chart represents the amount you can receive in donations every 28 days by simply completing your 3 steps and the rest of your team doing the same. It is a combination of Donations of Primary, CoOp and Bonus and can amount to €972,753 (USD $1,164,938.00) 
every 28 days to a mathematical certainty.

Click The 12 steps link to see chart: