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Crypto Currency Is The Future!

We will have the option to pay with Credit/Debit Cards soon but until then these tutorials will show you the easiest and simplest way to
purchase Crypto and pay your
Crowdfunding fees. 


Coinbase Registration Tutorial
This tutorial shows purchasing ETH but you can also pay your subscription with BTC or BCH. Purchase the coin you want
using the same instructions.

Register Your Free Coinbase Account
Purchase $100 in Crypto and get $10 Free.

My Cash App payment link$VegasShanna


CoinPayments is a wallet for storing your crypto that has 100’s of cryptos
in one place. You can easily convert one coin for another within CoinPayments.

CoopCrowd Subscription Tutorial


Once you have funded your CoinBase Account you will select the CoinPayments option on 5050 to pay License fee or buy Tokens
with the crypto you purchased on CoinBase.