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Since the beginning of time there has been bartering and peer to peer trading for goods and services. When the Gold Rush occurred, the miners needed a place to store their gold and the banking system was born. We are all familiar with how the banking system works and how it controls our transactions. Our fiat economy is failing us and we desperately need alternatives. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are taking a strong foothold on the future of money and how transactions can occur instantly around the globe. But they are also manipulated by the markets they are being traded on and their is high volatility as the values fluctuate.

TBC on the other hand is based on the principles of abundance and it is centrally regulated by the admin and is and always will be peer to peer transactions within the TBC community. Discounting is not allowed and abusers will be terminated from the community. TBC coin only goes up in value until it reaches its ultimate value, meaning that one full TBC will be worth at least $1 Billion. At present, one TBC is worth over $8 Million.

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Note: There is an annual $10 Admin fee. You will see your 25,000 Kringle in your account under Cookie Rewards and will be able to redeem in November.

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We need your voice to help us reach the world with the mission of TBC to end Poverty and create abundance for all. Broadcasters are greatly rewarded for spreading the word through live Broadcasts. Broadcasts are simple and easy to do. You can do a broadcast by just reading the updates from the Blog or you can show videos and never speak a word.
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