NOTE***GMAIL Address works best on HyperFund so please create
a Gmail if you do not already have one before you register.

You will need to fund HyperFund with USDT Tether, ERC20 or TRC20
(TRC20 fees a lot lower than ERC20)


In the US it is easy to buy BTC with CashApp and exchange into USDT at
or if you have set Hoo up. (Ask your sponsor about Hoo)

CashApp Set Up Guide

CashApp Invite Link

If you already have Bitcoin or other Crypto you can easily exchange into USDT Tether at

Open a Tab with your HyperFund Account and a Tab with Changehero and a Tab with the acount holding the Crypto you are using for exchange.

Exchange Bitcoin into USDT Tether, ERC20 or TRC20 on (Be sure to choose correct receiving address for which Tether you choose yo exchange for.)

                Step 1                                                 Step 2




           Step 3                                                   Step 4

         Step 5 Completed