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view the short tutorial videos for all transactions within HyperFund.

All you need to do is decide what membership level is right for you.
Try this calculator provided by The Satoshi Show Team to help you decide.



NOTE***GMAIL Address works best on HyperFund so please create
a Gmail if you do not already have one before you register.

You will need to fund HyperFund with USDT Tether.

In the US it is easy to buy BTC with CashApp and exchange into USDT at Changehero.io.
(Ask your sponsor for other recommendations)
CashApp Set Up Guide

CashApp Invite Link

If you already have Bitcoin or other Crypto you can easily exchange into USDT Tether at changehero.io

Open a Tab with your HyperFund Account and a Tab with Changehero and a Tab with the acount holding the Crypto you are using for exchange.

Exchange Bitcoin into USDT Tether on ChangeHero.io

                Step 1                                                 Step 2




           Step 3                                                   Step 4

         Step 5 Completed


You can buy USDT Tether with Credit/Debit Card at Paybis.com

First sign up and do your KYC before placing buy order.  Login and click on name at top and select Verification in drop down box. Follow steps to upload front and back of ID and take selfie. (Be preparred with good clear copy of ID on your desktop or you can take picture of ID with your cell phone during the process.

Once verified you can place your Buy Order.
Be sure to pay attention to the amount of Tether you need for membership
and click Buy Tether, follow the pages and fill out Card details and Billing address.

****This is an International purchase so be sure to call your Bank/Card to tell them you are making an International payment in the amount of your buy before you click to process the payment.

When your Exchange/Purchasing Process is complete login to HyperFund.
Click on account at bottom right corner….

Look for your Funds in Deposit area. 
To purchase membership click on Home icon, bottom left corner.

On Home page Click on Purchase Hyperdrive Membership Button at top left corner under header.

Choose membership level – $300 – $500 – $1000

If purchasing multiple memberships in one account of same amount you will see
you can select multiples to pay in one transaction at right top corner.

Click Next – Click Confirm Purchase – Click numbers of your transaction pin and membership will be purchasd.

We use Hoo.com Exchange when we withdraw from HyperFund. Register here at Hoo.com
or ask your sponsor to give you their Hoo referral link. Sponsor does receive up to 20%
of the trading fee as a commission from 1st level friends and 10% from 2nd level friends