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How To Get Started With Zmartbit
If you do not have a Bitcoin or a Bitcoin Wallet Read this whole page before registering.
Be sure to contact your sponsor if you need assistance with anything.

2 Zmartbit Membership Options

Best Option: Zmartbit Lifetime Membership Business Pack

Zmartbit PRO Pack 


Blockchain Wallet…
Highly Recommended to use for your receive address.

Go to to create wallet on computer.

On Phone go to App Store and download the Blockchain App.

The page below is for you to print out for your backup words.
Click on it and print.

Coinomi App is another wallet you can use for Zmartbit and is available globally.
Works very similar to Blockchain Wallet App.

Go here to download Coinomi


Buying Bitcoin

In Zmartbit Zmartcenter you will find several exchange options for purchasing Bitcoin
for different countries. Sponsors you can share the exchanges that will work for your prospects.
In the US I find Cash App to be very easy.

Cash App Referral Code

View instruction video
How to Buy and Withdraw Bitcoin

See Visuals

You can pay your Zmartbit fee directly from your Cash App. In Cash App click the house icon, this should take you to My Cash screen where you will see Cash, Bitcoin and your Bank. Click on Bitcoin and then withdraw. Depending on your device you may be able to scan the QR code from your phone to your computer  and some devices you will need to input the amount of BTC before you can scan QR code. If that is the case input the exact amount of Bitcoin from Zmartbit Receipt and click Withdraw. On the next screen( if registering on your computer) you can scan the QR code from your phone to computer or you can paste it in manually.

See screen shot

There could be some minor differences in instructions above depending on device you are using.


The Debit Cards listed below will allow you to Spend Bitcoin Easily. It is your option to use them or not. They are not part of Zmartbit registration. 

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